Why should I become a Delivery Agent?

We want people like you who are proud of this business and who want to be part of our future success. With your experience, you’ll have an eye for an opportunity to grow the business, and enjoy dealing with your customers and providing a great service.

You’ll earn a competitive hourly rate and have rosters that offer you flexibility in working arrangements. A full time Delivery Agent will have the choice to work between four and six days each week, for eight to ten hours per day.

New Zealand Post will provide you with a complete Delivery Agent uniform, scanner and Paxster vehicle, as well as full training on the vehicle, new equipment and processes. And of course, we want you to succeed in the role, so we’ll be providing plenty of guidance and support.

Becoming a Delivery Agent is easy!

When changes are introduced in your area, your leader will take you through the people and change process. This will include the number of Delivery Agent roles available and an opportunity to indicate your roster preference.