New Zealand Post – More than Mail

By Max Power • July 20, 2015
New Zealand Post – More than Mail

Ishmael Salim (Recruitment Analyst) & Tina Morgan (Head of Brand, Marcomms and Sponsorship)

Work life balance and flexible working arrangements important to you?  

Come work at NZ Post where flexibility is a key part of what we offer our people.

We have jobs that start early, stop early or go through the night.  

We give our people the tools and technology to work smarter, not harder.  

We free our people from the traditional nine to five grind and give them the flexibility to work the hours that suit their situation.

Our workspaces encourage collaboration. it doesn’t matter if you’re in Nelson, Northland, Auckland or Bluff - geography is no barrier.  Your team doesn't have to be the people who sit near you.   Our flexible workspace ‘neighbourhoods’ are forming and performing.   

Isn’t it time you considered NZ Post?  More than mail.

“Most of my team, key stakeholders and leaders are based in Wellington, yet I live and work in Auckland.  I travel once a fortnight to spend a day with them, otherwise I either work from home, delivery branch or from our Highbrook Campus.  I have the tools and support to make this work and with more and more people at Post working this way there is a growing community of like minded mobile workers.”  Tina Morgan, Head of Brand, Marcomms & Sponsorship  

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