Our Customers

Who are New Zealand Post Customers? Every single New Zealander, that’s who. Every single business from sole traders to the biggest multi-nationals. Whether we’re helping to deliver a single parcel or delivering the data insight driving a high-profile Governmental information campaign – we are in the business of delighting our customers.

As part of our future focus, rather than expecting customers to want our services, we’re looking at what the customer needs and building our services around them. So we’ll deliver services customers want, where they want them and how they want them. What’s more, as the needs of our customers change over time, we’ll be right there with them (if not a few steps ahead!)

Great example of this is for everyday Kiwis are YouPost and YouShop. To allow a life more organised, we developed a way people could pay all of their bills online in an easy, 100% secure way, and we called it YouPost. With online shopping becoming so popular, we came up with YouShop - a way New Zealanders could buy goods from overseas online traders. We’re listening, we’re thinking and we’re working hard behind the scenes to deliver solutions New Zealanders need.

Not that we’re confining our thinking to consumers. Converga has been helping business with their non-core activity since 1994, but we recently took this a step further with the launch of a new platform called the Digital Hub, which enables organisations to digitise large parts of their business processes including invoice management and archiving.

Add to this our insight and direct marketing abilities and you get an understanding for just how valuable New Zealand Post is to New Zealanders.

New Zealand Post for NZ