Our Story

Since 1840, New Zealand Post has stood for reliability, commitment to the customer and connecting New Zealanders with each other and the world. In the new era of communication, New Zealanders need different services from New Zealand Post, and we are excited about meeting those needs.

For most of our history, the face of New Zealand Post has been the smiling postie, or the people in the PostShop who help with getting letters and parcels from A to B. While for many New Zealanders this is still the case, more and more are coming to New Zealand Post for our insights, experience and knowledge that we have developed over 150 years of working with New Zealanders.

We employ over 7000 people across a number of roles such as banking, retail, financial services, mail and logistics, and we are all 100% committed to changing to meet the future needs of New Zealanders. So whether we’re helping Kiwi companies grow or connecting customers and people we are always thinking about how we can do it better and more efficiently. That’s simply how we work here.

Now that you know a bit about what we’ve done and where we’re going, we recommend taking the time to discover how we are going about readying our businesses for the future.

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