Privacy Policy

Any personal information collected by New Zealand Post in connection with this website will be held for the purpose of linking you with career opportunities at New Zealand Post Group.

All personal information and documentation will be held securely by New Zealand Post Group in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020. Personal information and documentation collected and held may include resumés, academic transcripts, interview notes, reference information and test results. They will primarily be stored electronically on New Zealand Post Group’s candidate database.

You may request removal of your personal information at any time. Otherwise, it will be kept in the New Zealand Post Group Career Centre for twelve months before being destroyed, unless you have an application still in progress, or you retain an active candidate profile with New Zealand Post.

While your personal information is on New Zealand Post Group’s candidate database, the following rules apply:

  • You will be responsible for maintaining your profile and ensuring that the information held is correct and up to date. You may view and amend your personal information at any time.
  • You can request access to all and any information held about you by New Zealand Post Group and request correction of that information. The request must be in writing to the New Zealand Post Career Centre, Private Bag 39990, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045, New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Post Group’s Career Centre may provide information about you, whether provided by you or a third party nominated by you for that purpose, to a prospective New Zealand Post Group manager after having first briefed you on the vacancy and you having authorised us to do so.
  • New Zealand Post Group’s Career Centre will only contact and collect personal information from any former employer or other person you have nominated as a referee if you have specifically authorised us to do so.
  • After you accept an offer of employment with New Zealand Post Group or agree to contract to New Zealand Post Group, your information will become part of New Zealand Post Group’s employee records. This information will be held in confidence and not disclosed to anyone without your consent.
  • We may use a trusted third party to help us process, administer and store your information, however it will be protected by strict confidentiality agreements.

This statement applies [to data collected by us] from April 2004. The last modifications to this statement were made on 1 December 2020.   

For additional information, please contact the Career Centre at New Zealand Post Group by emailing

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