Our Communities

Delivering for our communities

NZ Post has been connecting communities within New Zealand for over 180 years and it wants to help other organisations connect their communities too.

Our Delivering for Good programme provides free domestic courier services to selected organisations who are working to connect communities and improve belonging and inclusion.

Over the last 10 years, our partnership with New Zealand Red Cross has seen us provide corporate sponsorship, fundraising appeals, payroll giving, awareness campaigns and donation drives have made a huge difference to the work of New Zealand Red Cross in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Most recent jobs

Delivery Agent - Porirua


Delivery Agent l Porirua | Full time There's something quite unique about Posties! As they breeze past you on their bikes and say Kia Ora, they're friendly, as reliable as clockwork and look exceptionally fit and healthy. They're iconic members of their c...

Customer Service Representative

Hawkes Bay

 Customer Service Representative | Permanent Full-Time | Napier    New Zealand Post Group is well known around New Zealand for providing a vital service to all our valued customers - we are committed to proactively responding to customer n...

Courier and Parcel Officer - Full Time


Courier and Parcel Officer | Hamilton | Permanent Full Time We are looking for motivated people to join our team with a positive outlook and a great work ethic. We work hard as a team, where getting to know your colleagues and having fun on the way is all...